Be Like Scrooge

This path of awakening is a process. The truth we seek is not a concept or philosophical formula. It is a felt experience of living, of consciously joining our experience, whether it is grief or laziness or anger, feeling it and seeing it from the inside. The truth begins to appear in those moments whenContinue reading “Be Like Scrooge”

Light in the Dark

This is the dark time. December is the month of the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day when the North Pole is tilted farthest from the sun. Our ancient ancestors observed this event, watching the stars and the shortening days, patiently abiding and taking note until one day…it changed. They learned that theContinue reading “Light in the Dark”

Hoo gah in the Kali Yuga

I write this as snow is blanketing everything.  I am cozy not just in the physical sense of being indoors and warm and in front of a fire after a cold walk.  I am cozy in the sense of well being, feeling relaxed and present and close to life, not separate. I’ve been reading thatContinue reading “Hoo gah in the Kali Yuga”

Letting Go is Light

The dark time is here. Every year I marvel at the way tiny twinkly Christmas lights make a big difference in the darkness.  The decorated houses feel like a extraordinarily generous gestures, pooling together at create an illuminated village, transforming this suburban New York place.  Even the giant inflatable “lawn art” seems jolly and American andContinue reading “Letting Go is Light”

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!  So much to do and here I am again, sitting on my sofa, sipping coffee and watching the sky grow light.  Already it seems brighter to me.  This is my very flawed and subjective view, of course.  Yet it does seem brighter.  This body and heart came to me from the most ancientContinue reading “Merry Christmas 2011”

The Sun Over the House

Light plays a starring role in this dark season.  In the Christian tradition, light literally takes the form of a star.  This image of a star shining over a little barn, guiding shepherds and wise men to the divine child sleeping within has become a kind of resonating question or koan for me, thanks toContinue reading “The Sun Over the House”