The Art of Returning

Dear Noble Friends, I’ve been away a long time.  Now it feels good and right to come home.  Late yesterday afternoon, a group of us gathered to practice mindfulness meditation and do a bit of yoga and talk in a beautiful yoga studio in Tarrytown (  The yoga studio was filled with the golden naturalContinue reading “The Art of Returning”

Letting Go is Light

The dark time is here. Every year I marvel at the way tiny twinkly Christmas lights make a big difference in the darkness.  The decorated houses feel like a extraordinarily generous gestures, pooling together at create an illuminated village, transforming this suburban New York place.  Even the giant inflatable “lawn art” seems jolly and American andContinue reading “Letting Go is Light”


“The first rule in answering, if there is one, is to wait,” writes Lillian Firestone in the new issue of Parabola, “Liberation & Letting Go.”   This brief, powerful essay stopped me in my tracks when I first read it because I happened to be on the train coming home from teaching a beginner’s meditationContinue reading “Wait”

Big News!

In May 2001, in a laboratory at the University of Wisconsin, a Tibetan Buddhist monk donned a cap studded with hundreds of sensors that were connected to a state -of- the- art EEG, a brain-scanning device capable of recording changes in his brain with speed and precision.  When the monk began meditating in a wayContinue reading “Big News!”