Thanksgiving 2021

According to descendants of the Wampanoag Nation, the first feast that came to be called Thanksgiving didn’t really happen, and the events that led up to the myth were far from celebratory for them. The thing was sparked by fear. In their version of the story, in 1621, the Wampanoag heard the Pilgrims firing off…

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Halloween As A Practice

Life is difficult. Everyone suffers. This has been true in all times. Always. We tend not to allow for this because we compare our insides with other peoples’ outsides, and people can be very good at hiding their personal suffering–or fighting it or fleeing it or distracting themselves from it. Until they can’t.  But there…

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In the Temple

Today, we have an opportunity to sit together during Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating liberation from slavery and the “passing over” of destructive forces. Now more than ever before, we have an opportunity to notice that liberation begins by being still together, noting in the barest, sparest way how it feels to be in a…

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To Spring Forward, Fall Back

Spring forward. Fall back. This helps remember the time change but can also serve as a mantra for inner work. To spring forward you, to move beyond old thought loops and patterns, we must fall back.  Runners do this, and so do cats and other animals. You must sink down into yourself, gather yourself, allow yourself…

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Digging With a Teaspoon

We are heavily defended creatures. We can’t help this. We are wired this way. Healthy cells defend themselves against invaders. The ego defends us against psychic pain, and this too is natural. And yet we also long to connect with others and with life, to know and be known, to love and be loved. And…

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November 2021