Letting Go is Light

Candle-calendarThe dark time is here. Every year I marvel at the way tiny twinkly Christmas lights make a big difference in the darkness.  The decorated houses feel like a extraordinarily generous gestures, pooling together at create an illuminated village, transforming this suburban New York place.  Even the giant inflatable “lawn art” seems jolly and American and well-intentioned (Although I know those giant snowmen and cartoon characters can be oppressive after a few weeks…or months).

I was told the warmth from a single candle is enough to keep you alive.  The same is true for light.  In true darkness, the tiniest light is visible for miles.  A great man died this week and I have been marveling at his greatness—his capacity to maintain a connection to a greater truth in the most oppressive circumstances, to open his heart and forgive.   What sparked that flame?

In my experience, for even the smallest act of forgiveness to take place we need have to have an inkling that something greater is possible, a peace and freedom that waits for us beyond the boundaries of our own sometimes righteous anger, our own pain, our own understandable desire to push back.  Real forgiveness means letting go.

As Mandela’s life demonstrates, this takes confidence–a word that literally means with faith.  We have to have faith in our ability to be aligned with a power greater than ourselves, even if we are in prison. We have to confidence that there is more to reality than we think and that we can connect with it wherever we are.  To actually practice forgiveness, as opposed to just think about, may turn out to be a small, careful, demanding daily work, not a grand gesture of heart or mind.  Yet think of how visible a tiny light is in the darkness–that’s how palpably different an act of letting go is from our usual way of holding on to the story of who we are.

In the words of Mandela’s fellow great being Gandhi:

Your beliefs become thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny

2 thoughts on “Letting Go is Light

  1. This was lovely Tracy thank you. I didn’t realize that the word ‘confidence’ literally means faith. I can see that it does.. Con:with; Fide: faith.
    As you say, no grand gestures are necessary; that tiny spark can illumine.
    I posted a blog on Mr. Mandela this past Monday if you care to check it out. I say inter alia about Qunu his final resting place this coming Sunday, and how he had a happy childhood. He loved the land, the people, Nature.
    Pres . Obama gave a most moving speech. he knew of Mr. Mandela and his incarceration when he was a student and was guided by him and what he stood for.

    1. I loved your blog post, Susan. It really captured the magnitude and intimacy of the event right there in South Africa. May we all have such confidence!

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