Looking Down the Road

“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself in a dark wood where the straight way was lost.” –Dante In the middle of a journey across the country I found myself stranded in a broken-down VW van on an empty highway in the Midwest. Just recently I told this story toContinue reading “Looking Down the Road”

2020 Vision

Happy New Year! Wishing us all a new kind of 20/20 vision—an awakened vision that is broad and deep. May we begin to see and sense ourselves–every part of ourselves, even the wounded and raging parts—as part a greater whole. Recently, in my local meditation circle, we have been talking about difficult things, including racismContinue reading “2020 Vision”

Hanging Out with Trees

Summer reminds me of childhood, does it you? There is something about the smell in the air in the morning that reminds me of climbing trees. There was one tree in particular in the backyard of the house I grew up in that was easy to climb–inviting me, it seemed. It had a limb atContinue reading “Hanging Out with Trees”

Seeing as Acceptance

Deep down most of us know that it is not what happens outside that shapes us so much as our inner responses. There is an ancient African proverb that tells when we have no enemy within, no enemy without can really harm us. Really? Not even a great white shark? But seriously, can this beContinue reading “Seeing as Acceptance”


I never tire of remembering that “courage” comes from French and Latin words for heart. We encourage each other to get out of our lonely, individualist heads and remember our hearts, which are so much bigger than we think. This year, at a retreat on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, I had the honor of listeningContinue reading “Courage”

Our Common Fire

Life is difficult. This is true for everyone. Always. Beautiful people who appear to have the easiest of lives suffer inner torments. We tend not to see this because we tend to compare our insides with other peoples’ outsides. But every so often a story breaks that makes us glimpse the truth that suffering isContinue reading “Our Common Fire”