Flash Flood Sutra

The practice of mindfulness meditation is so simple: coming back to the sensation of being in the present moment, coming back to the breath, letting go of what carries us away. Why yoke the Noble Eight-fold Path to this wordless and elegant vehicle? Well, you don’t have to. And yet…but still…it turns out that theContinue reading “Flash Flood Sutra”

A Life With Heart

What does it mean to live fully?  To live a life with heart? The lesson from the power outage is still with me.  Even as I go about living my ordinary, electrically illuminated, computer active life, I find myself remembering there can be a deeper quality to life.  In the darkness and stillness, my sleepContinue reading “A Life With Heart”

What Would Thoreau Do When the Power Goes Out?

“I did not read books the first summer; I hoed beans.  Nay, I often did more than this.  There were times when I could not afford to sacrifice the bloom of the present moment to any work, whether of the head or hands.  I love a broad margin to my life,” writes Thoreau, as quotedContinue reading “What Would Thoreau Do When the Power Goes Out?”