Standing (or Sitting) in Our Personal Power

At times, everyone faces the darkness of the unknown.  Practicing presence can help us connect to our personal power.  Once at the Rubin Museum, I was asked to talk about power. And not just power but a specific embodiment of power. The image that was to illuminate my talk featured the Fifth Dalai Lama ofContinue reading “Standing (or Sitting) in Our Personal Power”


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on,” wrote Robert Frost In three words I can sum up the aim of mindfulness meditation. Being with change. “See that sign for the David Barton Gym?” asked the woman walking ahead of me on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. “What aContinue reading “Impermanence”


Why do you sit? Why are you drawn to the spiritual path? It can be interesting sometimes to ask this question when you sit–not pushing for an answer but making space for it, the way you would listen closely to a very shy or quiet person. Asking this question can be very useful as weContinue reading “Intention”