Harry and Jane

We are hard at work, pulling together a new issue on the many paths people take to find truth, and the articles in this particularly lively issue range from sacred music to the spiritual home that is Harry Potter. Lately, I find myself pondering the similarity between Harry Potter and Jane Eyre. Jane, as someContinue reading “Harry and Jane”

Lost in the Woods

Last week, I was at the Garrison Institute in the Hudson Valley, experiencing another retreat in Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s “Community Dharma Leader Training.”   Why an editor of Parabola would undertake such a training, what I have learned so far and what I hope to gain–the Parabola sangha I hope to create–I’ll be getting intoContinue reading “Lost in the Woods”

Waiting for Irene

Like many people in the greater New York area, I am preparing for Irene.   I was up early cleaning and tidying up and doing laundry—the prospect of power outages lasting for days and flooding and apocalypse makes a person want to start out as clean and neat as possible.   A few days from now, IContinue reading “Waiting for Irene”

Feeling the Earth Move

As I was writing this blog on my laptop—which happens to be about how oblivious we usually are to our interconnection—the sofa started to shake.  “Earthquake,” I thought, suddenly really aware that I was in was on the earth and that it was trembling beneath me.  I thought of the earth shaking in recognition ofContinue reading “Feeling the Earth Move”

Make-believe Animal

“Man is a make-believe animal,” wrote William Hazlitt.  “He is never so truly himself as when he is acting a part.” I am looking out at a white world through window framed with the uneven spikes of ice cycles.”What are these daggers I see before me?”   I’m moving from Hazlitt to Macbeth because of the daggersContinue reading “Make-believe Animal”

You Are Accepted

I was at JFK airport last night.  On the way, I passed many vehicles abandoned in snow banks and on the side of the road.  In the international departure terminal, the crowds were huge and a bit heart-wrenching–so many tired-looking people from so many parts of the world standing inlong, long lines with luggage.  IContinue reading “You Are Accepted”