Finding the Source

Most people associate the creative with the lush, the prolific, the fertile, the rich.  Contemplation or meditation as the Trappist Monk Brother Paul Quenon describes it in “Alone and Together” sounds like the opposite:   It “is too poor, too empty, and obscure.  It is mostly an entrance to and abiding in the emptiness of Christ. Continue reading “Finding the Source”

White Water

photo by James. “For some, collaboration is not a deliberate choice,” writes architect Barry Svigals in Parabola’s current issue, Alone and Together.  “It is a way of solving problems that is deeply interwoven into the communal experience.”  He is writing of aboriginal people who couldn’t help but work together to solve puzzles in an intelligenceContinue reading “White Water”

Car Crash Sutra

The accident happened at the worst possible moment, yet even as it happened I realized there is probably never a good moment a good moment for a car accident. I was driving home through the rain, thinking about how much I have to do before I leave for my daughter’s college graduation this week.  IContinue reading “Car Crash Sutra”

Being With Ram Dass

“My guru told me ‘Be like Gandhi,’” Ram Dass told me once during an interview.  “Gandhi said, ‘My life is my message.’” The words came haltingly, short phrases followed by long pauses.  The former Dr. Richard Alpert, the once eloquent spiritual seeker and psychedelic rebel, sat in a wheelchair, hunting for words, often coming upContinue reading “Being With Ram Dass”