Digging With a Teaspoon

We are heavily defended creatures. We can’t help this. We are wired this way. Healthy cells defend themselves against invaders. The ego defends us against psychic pain, and this too is natural. And yet we also long to connect with others and with life, to know and be known, to love and be loved. And we have learned by now that our defenses tend to be a little overactive. Once upon a time, we remember, we were open and loving and downright playful. We were radiant little babies. But thanks to myriad encounters during our time on earth, most of us have acquired a kind of psychic autoimmune disease. We get so triggered and so often consumed with our various defenses that we find ourselves mired in painful isolation that feels so much worse than the vulnerability we fear.  What can help? 

Attention. Hold everything that arises, including your trickiest defenses, in the light of a gentle, curious attention. Insight and freedom will come. It can feel like digging your way out of prison with a teaspoon, but just keep digging. Freedom will come.

Keep sitting, keep seeing, and please feel welcome to join us for meditation. Check the website for the link.

2 thoughts on “Digging With a Teaspoon

  1. Thank you, dear Tracy. I am reminded of a friend JunAnjusan, a Japanese Buddhist nun who lives in Albany (someday I hope to introduce you two)…The dream 40plus years ago was to put a Peace Pagoda on the land where she lives but first, one must dig the area to create the foundation. She had no tractor, no shovel even but she did have a spoon. So, she began this way. And the community saw/felt her intention and came to help. Not all with their spoons but I love that image. I am learning to reach out more, to keep the blinds open, to take it one step, and even, yes, one spoonful at a time. With gratitude for your being, Mia

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