Happy 2021!

Happy 2021! They say that hindsight is 20/20, and this year it is really true. Looking back, it’s clear that so much in reality is not under our control. Who knew when we planned last year what would come? This year, let’s consider using the word resolution in the sense of seeing. May we begin to see and sense ourselves–even the wounded parts—as part a greater whole.

Awakening means opening our hearts to our own pain. We can start small, sitting quietly at a quiet time of day or in a quiet place. We can practice saying “forgiven” like a mantra or prayer when difficult feelings or memories arise. We will do this together the next time we sit. We can do this when any kind of difficult feeling comes up: a memory, a tension, a rush of anxiety, that uneasy sense that we are puppets dancing on the strings of our conditioning. For a moment or two we can emerge into a more spacious presence.

Throughout the ages, people have called this greater presence God. But you don’t need to worry about whether or not there is a God. We just need to practice accepting our own humanity for a second or two. One moment at a time, we can practice opening to our life, just that. This act of opening does not depend on belief or views of any kind. Just be still for a little bit.

Instead of just being a little virtual reality machine, our brain may also be a receiver capable of tuning into a finer awareness. When we unplug and sit down quietly or go out into nature, the receiver capacity of the brain has a chance to open to this greater awareness, this greater presence. We realize that we have a sensitivity that is greater than our pain and anger. The root of the word “forgive” means to give or grant or allow. This year why not resolve to give yourself the gift of this forgiving attention, even for a moment. We may experience what it is like to be accepted and forgiven. Not in words. By something more sensitive and spacious and alive.

2 thoughts on “Happy 2021!

  1. with so many opportunities to relive moments of doubt and self-recrimination, how reassuring to be reminded of these chances to open myself to forgiveness. Thank you, Tracy.

  2. Thank you Tracy. New year dawns with new courage and enthusiasm for good work in every aspect of life. To be positive. To achieve excellency in life.
    May we achieve what we desire.

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