D-Day Meditation

As I write this, it is a beautiful and balmy day in New York. But this doesn’t mean everything is okay. Deadly tornadoes and massive flooding ravage the middle of the country; children separated from parents at our southern border. I could go on. And you may be facing your own trials. Life is so changeable and uncertain. I personally hate this, but life has not asked my opinion.

And yet this terrible, unalterable truth about life is an opportunity to investigate what true power is. It is an opportunity to see that wealth, might, even energetic good health might not be the whole of power. Compassion and wisdom—the ability to take the long view—are forms of power. And so are love and courage.

Today is the 75 anniversary of D-Day. It feels like the perfect day to remember that all of us are chock full of mixed motives and qualities, dark and light and shifting shades in between.  The point is there are moments of sun breaking through the clouds, warm-heartedness, bravery, which means a willingness to show up and do the best we can. Let’s focus on that. Great causes can be won this way.

2 thoughts on “D-Day Meditation

  1. Thank you SO much for this ! I’ve been gone every Sunday – getting to see my son dance thé last two. Hope to see you soon. v

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  2. Thank you, Tracy. Sometimes we feel that there is nothing in our power that has the remotest chance of helping our broken world. Thank you for reminding us that the ONLY thing that will help is within the power of each one of us.

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