Merrily We Roll Along

In one way or another, human beings have always been involved in scientific search and spiritual search–in the search for knowledge and for meaning.  I came away from my interview with the Indian-born, scientifically-trained Ravi Ravindra (in “Man and Machine”) with the impression that it is a quirk of Western culture to imagine that spirituality–whichContinue reading “Merrily We Roll Along”

What Is This?

“What is this?” Recently, I’ve learned that koan practice began in sixth-century China, an answer to a trend toward seeking academic answers.  Stories of monks’ awakenings became a source of questions that would draw the light of inquiry back onto the self and one’s experience in this very moment.  In Korean Zen a classic koanContinue reading “What Is This?”

“An Unsolved Mystery Is a Thorn in the Heart”

“An unsolved mystery is a thorn in the heart.” The author Joyce Carol Oates used this sentence as a prompt for students in her creative class at Princeton University.  I used this exercise in my mindful writing workshops again and again. Often, at New York Insight Meditation Society or the Rubin Museum of Art, IContinue reading ““An Unsolved Mystery Is a Thorn in the Heart””