Teaching and Personal Mentoring

Tracy Cochran has studied meditation and spiritual practices for four decades. She teaches mindfulness meditation, mindful writing, and the dharma throughout the greater New York area.  She teaches groups and individuals. She mentors individuals in person and via video conference calls, if you happen to live in another city or country or if this form is just more convenient for you. The fee is an agreed upon donation. Please feel free to contact her at tracycochran1@gmail.com


One thought on “Teaching and Personal Mentoring

  1. Hi Tracy,
    I “found” you at the Rubin and would love to study with you more.
    Thank you for imparting such a sense of hope to me through your teaching.
    Will you be teaching another course at NY Insight this summer? Can I drop in at Tarrytown?
    Do you have a workshop schedule? Do you host extended workshops anywhere?
    I hope I’m not asking questions with easily found answers!!
    🙏🏻 thank you!!! Martha

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