Your Life is Your Practice.
As we learn to open, the light shines in.

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing attention to our present moment experience, observing what is happening without judgment. It is a simple practice that can have a huge impact.

Tracy Cochran has been a student of meditation and spiritual practice for four decades, with a deep interest in how the challenges and obstacles in life can become a way to wisdom.

The teachings are offered without a fee. Donations are welcome.

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Recent Writings

Our Voyage: a guided meditation

Parabola Magazine · Our Voyage A guided meditation with Tracy. To support her work, please consider donating.

In the Temple

Today, we have an opportunity to sit together during Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating liberation from slavery and the “passing over” of destructive forces. Now more than ever before, we have an opportunity to notice that liberation begins by being still together, noting in the barest, sparest way how it feels to be in aContinue reading “In the Temple”

To Spring Forward, Fall Back

Spring forward. Fall back. This helps remember the time change but can also serve as a mantra for inner work. To spring forward you, to move beyond old thought loops and patterns, we must fall back.  Runners do this, and so do cats and other animals. You must sink down into yourself, gather yourself, allow yourselfContinue reading “To Spring Forward, Fall Back”


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