Into the Fire

All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, dear readers. Tomorrow is All Hallow’s or All Saints Day, and the following day All is Souls or (in Latin America) the Day of the Dead. A symbolically deep and rich time. It is also the time of the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain (an Irish source has theContinue reading “Into the Fire”

Being With What Scares Us

“A life is just the history of what we give our attention to,” says a character at a funeral in the novel At Last by Edward St. Aubyn. Another character chides him for being so stark—we impact others without knowing it. Yet I know what he means, don’t you? As the days grow shorter, it’sContinue reading “Being With What Scares Us”

The Open Door

Mindfulness is paying attention to real time reality. This can seem like such a small thing—and it is. It is a state of attention that is as natural and soft and wordless as our peripheral vision. Yet mindfulness also means to remember… what? Mindfulness pulls us back to a greater living reality, reminding us thatContinue reading “The Open Door”

Pay Attention, for Goodness Sake

Life can be upsetting, friends. Loved ones can hurt us. Families especially can trigger us like detonation experts (this is not surprising since they installed the triggers). We can have the most loving intentions, feel mindful and present, and in a flash, given just the right word or gesture, it can be all gone. WeContinue reading “Pay Attention, for Goodness Sake”