Waiting for Irene

Like many people in the greater New York area, I am preparing for Irene.   I was up early cleaning and tidying up and doing laundry—the prospect of power outages lasting for days and flooding and apocalypse makes a person want to start out as clean and neat as possible.   A few days from now, IContinue reading “Waiting for Irene”

Feeling the Earth Move

As I was writing this blog on my laptop—which happens to be about how oblivious we usually are to our interconnection—the sofa started to shake.  “Earthquake,” I thought, suddenly really aware that I was in was on the earth and that it was trembling beneath me.  I thought of the earth shaking in recognition ofContinue reading “Feeling the Earth Move”

The Ascetic at the End of the Bar

In college I read a book that was modeled on Dante’s Inferno.  Charting the progress of a young African American man through various American cities, the tale made the point that we have rings of hell right here and right now, and that we have our own poets and storytellers (Dante travelled with Virgil) toContinue reading “The Ascetic at the End of the Bar”

She Teaches the Torches to Burn Bright

Unexpectedly and at short notice (which is the best way to do many things), a friend invited me to see “Romeo and Juliet” performed by members of the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Park Avenue Armory, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  From the moment  I filed into the cavernous Drill Hall, I feltContinue reading “She Teaches the Torches to Burn Bright”

A Treasure Buried in a Field

Last week, my daughter and I stayed in a little ocean-side condo in Florida.  Every morning we walked on the beach, and at least some mornings we let ourselves be buffeted about in the vast jacuzzi of the ocean. Every evening, we cooked, laughed, and talked with my 91-year-old father, sister, nephew, and their lovedContinue reading “A Treasure Buried in a Field”