Be A Spark Unto Yourself

This past week, I’ve been noting how the desire to be this or that, the desire to have this or that.  I’ve been noting what the Buddha called ignorance.  The Buddha gave a teaching on how suffering arises and is perpetuated.  It is called “dependent origination,” and it describes the factors that condition and driveContinue reading “Be A Spark Unto Yourself”

On Being the Hero of Your Own Story

“Everybody has to be the hero of one story: his own,” wrote P.L. Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins, in the first issue of Parabola.  I just ran across a version of this quote in the little book The World is Made of Stories by the contemporary Buddhist teacher David Loy.   In Buddism, the underlyingContinue reading “On Being the Hero of Your Own Story”