A Little More About Boats

Yesterday evening, I had the amazing opportunity of being a meditation leader in a sangha that meets at a yoga studio in Bedford Hills.  The windows were open, a soft breeze and bird song wafted in.  “It’s an almost perfect evening to be sitting here together,” I said.  “Why almost perfect?  Why not perfect?” askedContinue reading “A Little More About Boats”

The Green Light of Desire

Earlier this week,  I wrote about how literature can be religion, about how great writing like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s can have a transparent quality that can show us clear to the depths  of human experience.   In response to my last post about The Great Gatsby, some people commented very understandably that this great American novelContinue reading “The Green Light of Desire”

Jazz Age Sutra

Recently, I heard someone say that great literature was their religion.  I know what they mean.   There can be poetry and prose that capture states of being so transparently and unforgettably that any added theology or philosophy could only detract.   Take The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.   Often, when I contemplate what the BuddhistsContinue reading “Jazz Age Sutra”

A New Spirit In the Machine

Editing a non profit journal like Parabola can be hard.   I’m not talking about the eye strain and stiff back muscles that come with sitting in front of a computer for long stretches of time, or even the feelings of  isolation and self-doubt that inevitably comes with being a writer and editor.  I’m talking aboutContinue reading “A New Spirit In the Machine”