Back to the Jungle

Much has been written about how the film Avatar was made–how it took five years and thousands of people and $300 million.  Much has been written about how enchanting it looks.  Vatican Radio said “really never before have such surprising images been seen.”   L’Osservatore Romanos, the newspaper of the Holy See, commented:  “So much stupefying,Continue reading “Back to the Jungle”


It has always intrigued me that the computer world applies words traditionally meant to point towards sacred realities– “icon” and “avatar”–in  weird but apt ways.   An icon, for example, is a small image that can be clicked on to become a gateway to a much larger reality–a two-dimensional technological version of the way an ByzantineContinue reading “Avatar”

Being Free And Being Yourself In the New Year

Happy New Year!  May you be happy and peaceful.  May all of  your good intentions and highest wishes come to fruition.  “The ‘Causes of Existence’ mean not only the physical causes known to science, but the metaphysical causes, the chief of which is the desire to exist,” writes H. P. Blavatsky, the founder of theContinue reading “Being Free And Being Yourself In the New Year”