Holidays/ Holy Days

“Cooking has many functions, and only one of them is about feeding people,” writes British food writer Nigella Lawson.   Lawson’s wonderfully forgiving recipe for coq au vin was simmering on Christmas Eve.  I wanted to fill the house with a delicious and comforting smell for all kinds of reasons–including one Lawson herself provides in herContinue reading “Holidays/ Holy Days”

Reality is the Goal

“It is only when we get beyond fantasy, beyond wishing and dreaming, that the real conversion takes place and we awake re-born….for reality is the goal, deny it how we will,” wrote Henry Miller (and thank you to Josh Baran who posted it on Facebook so it could circulate in the world anew).  “When theContinue reading “Reality is the Goal”

Being And Being Like Scrooge

Is it possible to develop greater being and not become a more loving and generous human being?   Some esoteric paths don’t concern themselves much with conventional morality.  According to Gurdjieff and Madame de Salzmann the Fourth Way is a demanding and exacting work.    “The level of being is determined by what enters into one’s PresenceContinue reading “Being And Being Like Scrooge”